Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grovin' and the Pumpkin Patch

This week Jack went to the Grove with Darlin', the Granddude, Uncle Dave, Tom and me. He discovered how much more fun it is to sit in a grown up chair and how little sleep a baby actually needs when there's a party going on. To keep him from suffering from post-tramatic social let down disorder we tried to keep up the tempo this week by visiting the pumpkin patch.

It's hilarious to see the difference from just last year when we propped Jack up on some pumpkins to yesterday when I had to get a few quick shots before he took off after an unsuspecting 15 month old.Here ya go -


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jack Walks!

It has been a long time since I last posted. Sorry about that. We have been knee deep in football season (Hotty Toddy!) and the debate and Tom's new job and oh yea Jack is walking!! He goes about 7-8 steps at a time now and he can really move if there is a cat within his sight!

 Whitefoot, Sierra, and Fiona are favorite targets of his affectionate claw like grasp, love bites and headbutts. Only Whitefoot is slow enough to get caught occasionally. The dogs are also recipients of Jack's somewhat overly affectionate activities. Maybelle loves it but Barney has to move from couch to couch just trying to find a peaceful place to nap away from the terrorizing, I mean totally adorable, 14 month old. I'm going to post a video later of Jack and Maybelle having a love-in.

This football season (woohoo the rebels have a winning record so far, 3-2) Jack went to the Ole Miss vs. Samford game and sat in the seats where his great-granfather sat many years ago. He is the 4th generation to sit in Row 39 Section E at Vaught-Hemingway. We only made it a quarter because it was hot and Jack was climbing up and down the rows and trying to eat popcorn and peanut shells off the floor - eww! Next time we'll stay longer because I think he would really love to hear the band. He still LOVES music and is now into playing the drums on his stomach, knees, mine or Tom's chest, his high chair, basically anywhere that makes a cool noise.

Because it is fall (read football season) Jack has had lots of visitors - Baby James Allen, Jay & Shelly, Baby (cousin) Annie, Great Aunt Susan, cousins Pep, Holley and Suannah and Wes, cousins Terral and Carter, Aunt Celia, cousins Meg and Izzy, Great Aunt Celia, cousins Sherm and Wendy, Auntie Katie, DeMatt and his sister Betsy, Aunt Lea and Uncle Carter, and Jill and Hallie Lane. This weekend Uncle Dave, Darlin' and the Granddude are coming to town. It should be a good time!

Jack still loves playing outside especially on his new sand/water table from Darlin' and the granddude but he is mosquito bait so we only play out there early in the morning to keep him from getting eaten up. Aunt Lea and Uncle Carter have been visiting a lot lately. Baby Sam is only a few weeks away and we are all excited to meet the little guy.

I'll post pics later. I don't really know how to post them so they look cool. I'm envious of my friends baby's blog (http://meurrier.blogspot.com/) I wish I had the time/inclination to figure out how to make Jack's look that neat. Oh well.

Maybe after football season!
Go Rebs! Who DAT! --Elizabeth

Monday, August 18, 2008

Punta Mita Mach 2

We all went down to Punta Mita Mexcio (thanks Celia!!) for a week. Friends and family had a great time together and with Jack! He swam in the Pacific Ocean, took naps on the beach, and enjoyed being adored by all in the Villa.
Jack loved the toy box on the Manzanilla Beach.

Ah the luxury of the palapa.

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Jack and Darlin'

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LA here we come

Tom went to a music festival in W. Virginia so Jack and I took our first solo road trip to Mobile last weekend. We stopped on the way to visit with Aunt Susan in Meridian. We enjoyed visiting with her and will stop there again. She gave us some great pictures of Tom when he was a baby and you can really see how much Jack looks like him. We got to Mobile about 6:30 and ate dinner with Darlin', the Granddude and Grand-Nana. The shrimp were great and Darlin' and the Granddude's house is looking wonderful since the renovation. Uncle Dave and Auntie Shannon came over to visit Friday night and Jack didn't go to sleep until after 11! He loved having an audience and put on quite a show dancing, laughing and showing off his teeth. On Saturday, Jack hung out on the porch with the Granddude and Darlin' and after a visit from Uncle Dave he finally took a nap. When he woke up he had a practice birthday cake with bananas, yogurt, and cream cheese icing. He did a great job feeding himself and really enjoyed the cake! Then we went shopping with Darlin' to look for stuff for Jack's birthday party. We got trapped in the party city for about 2 hours during a torrential rain storm. We finally gave up and got a little wet but Jack got a balloon for being such a good shopper and didn't mind the rain too much. Saturday night, Uncle Dave and Auntie Shannon came over again to visit and eat Darlin's fried okra - yummy!

Sunday we went to Callahan's for brunch. We took over the back room because there where so many of us - Darlin, the Granddude, Grand-Nana, Uncle Dave and Auntie Shannon, Aunt Gail, John, Daniel, Matthew, Adrian, Amy and Jack Boyes, and Coco her son and his cousin!! We were loud and having fun. Even though Jack hadn't napped he did great and enjoyed getting to see all the people at Callahan's. He was exhausted when we left though and fell asleep before we even got on Government Street! We all took naps when we got home and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. Sunday night Jack and I went over to the Boyes' hose for dinner. Jack had a great time playing with Jack Boyes and I got a chance to catch up with Adrian and Amy. Adrian cooked us an excellent dinner and Jack ate macaroni and cheese for the first time. He loved it so much that he ate it with both hands shovel-style!! Good times!!
Monday morning Jack and I got up and started getting ready to head back to Oxford via Jackson. We got one more visit in with Nana and got to see Auntie Katie briefly before she went to work. Jack fell asleep in the car before we got to HWY 98 and he slept all the way to Collins. We made it to Holly and Bucky's for a pit stop in Jackson and had a wonderful lunch with Holly, Maggie and the dogs - Sierra, Callie, and Lulu - 3 of the best dogs I have EVER been around. Holly and Maggie gave Jack some great early birthday gifts and we had a wonderful time visiting with them and seeing the Crystal's beautiful house. Then we got back on the road and Jack fell asleep again before we got on the interstate. He slept to Grenada and was happy until we got between Water Valley and Oxford and then he was really ready to get out of the car and see his dad. Tom had a wonderful dinner prepared for us when we arrived and Jack fell asleep no crying at ALL by 9:00. Today was a little different story as Jack was coming off his social high. He had a little trouble napping but this afternoon he was happy in the grocery store, where he waved and smiled and danced through the whole store!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

HIll Country Picnic

Jack had a great time at his first Hill Country Picnic! The weather was pretty cool and even though we got rained a little each day he still enjoyed The Fife and Drum Band, Afrissippi, Blue Mountain, T Model, Rocket 88 and more. He loved hanging out with Aunt Lea and Uncle Carter! Uncle Carter taught him how to cook chicken legs and Aunt Lea shared a snowball with him. Jack also enjoyed seeing Maggie and Steve and using Maggie's cooler as a podium as he danced to all the great music. As predicted he enjoyed the picnic immensely! Next year we're getting an RV so we can stay all weekend.